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Our Vision.

Platform Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the practice of emerging artists in the UK. We support talented individuals through an annual programme of curated exhibitions, mentoring workshops and public talks.

The artists we identify as “emerging” are at an early and critical stage of their career. The term does not imply an age limit but is applied to artists who are still forging their career and may be on the rise, be they young practitioners or artists who have not received critical or commercial recognition to date.

Our exhibiting platform aims to make artists’ work accessible to the wider public from our base in Mayfair, the historical heart of London’s art scene. Visitors can not only discover new talents but also buy the artworks on display. Each purchase will support our community objectives, as the proceeds are used to pay the artists’ costs, reinvest in the public programme and be shared with worthy charities that also support artists, as well as advance the creative education of the youngest and most vulnerable in our society.