Aimée Parrott

Aimée Parrott’s practice has traditionally played with pictorial depth by building up veil-like layers of pigmentation through a complex process of dying, screen-printing, painting and stitching. Her complex and delicate approach to making barely informs us of her processes. Referencing the body and its functions, nature and its cycles, her non figurative works often nod to the artists interest in organic processes and interconnected organisms.

In her most recent work, Parrott has also been incorporating sculptural elements in order to explore painting as both image and object, and the notions of internal and external space, skin and connectivity.

Aimée Parrott (b. 1987) received a postgraduate diploma from the Royal Academy Schools, London, in 2014 and a BA in Fine Art from the University College Falmouth in 2009. Her work has recently been shown at: Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (2018); Royal Academy of Arts, London (2017); and Breese Little, London (2016). She has completed residencies with the Artists League of New York and Angelika Studios, and she was the recipient of the Archie Sherman Scholarship, the Ford Award, and the Denton Art Prize.


Platform Foundation Asks

Who is your artistic hero? William Blake.

Which work of art you wished you owned? One of Helen Chadwick’s ‘Viral Landscapes’.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio? A staple remover (my works are

taken on and off the stretcher bars multiple times as I make them).

Describe your studio in three words: Messy, light, overpriced.

Do you collect anything? Shells.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? None.