Catherine Parsonage

Catherine Parsonage’s practice incorporates painting, performance and poetry.  Her work combines personal experience with a wide range of literary references including fiction, mythology, and poetry; the resulting work explores emotional and identity-based states caught on the boundary between the imagined and the real.

Catherine Parsonage (b. 1989) received her MA from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2013 after studying Fine Arts at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions were held at: Clima, Milan (2019); Bosse and Baum, London (2018); House of Egorn, Berlin (2016). In 2016 she was awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting and Sculpture from the British School in Rome, and she is currently in residence at Castro Projects, Rome. She has been included in prestigious awards such as the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Catlin Prize and BP Portrait Award. 


Platform Foundation Asks

Who is your artistic hero? Philip Guston.

Which work of art you wished you owned? One of the recent Jana Euler paintings from her show ‘Great White Fear’ at Galerie Neu.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio? Probably my kettle, I get sent Yorkshire tea bags to Italy.

Describe your studio in three words: Perfectly Organised Chaos.

Do you collect anything? Not really, toys for my cat that he’s too lazy to play with.  

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? I mainly listen to podcasts in the studio, the New Yorker Fiction & Poetry podcast when I want to use my brain, true crime when I don’t.