Daniel Davies

Daniel Davies’ autobiographical paintings are arrived at through a process of translating information gathered from domestic environments into digital information, and then placing the mediated imagery back into analogue space through the act of painting and printmaking. 

Taking his source material from his childhood and the everyday textures and shapes that surrounded him whilst growing up - including patterned clothing, woodchip wallpaper, children’s building blocks, and interior domestic architecture - Davies is interested in how the deliberate flaws inherent in his processes result in undefined, poor quality images that when scaled, repeated, cropped and overlaid, create a more subtle, complex and transient imagery that represents the unstructured and atemporal nature of memory and personal history.

Daniel Davies (b. 1992) studied Fine Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle (2015) and is currently studying at The Royal Academy, London. His work was recently exhibited at Sunday-S Gallery, Copenhagen (2018); Galleria Acappella, Naples (2017); Limoncello, London (2016).


Platform Foundation Asks

Who is your artistic hero? All artists working today. It’s tough.

Which work of art you wished you owned? “The Courtship” by Gertrude Abercrombie.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio? The coffee machine or the chair. I can’t quite decide.

Describe your studio in three words: An organised mess.

Do you collect anything? Bills.  

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? Something repetitive, ‘Passionfruit’ by Drake is a solid example.