Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings are an artistic duo whose practice includes drawing, CGI animation, video installation, archival, text, and audio work. Their projects range from meticulous drawings showing heroic characters on the cusp of love or violence to apocalyptic landscape renders taken from moments of queer cultural history.  

They critically examine the politics, histories, and aesthetics of queer spaces, shining a light on a complex terrain in which questions of class, nationalism, gentrification, and patriarchy often collide, particularly in the shadow of Brexit. 

Hannah Quinlan (b.1991)  and Rosie Hastings (b.1991) both graduated from Goldsmith, London, in 2014. Their work is currently on display at The Whitechapel gallery, London and the Hayward gallery, London. They are preparing to show work at the Pompidou Centre as part of Move Festival and are working on a major new commission for Art Night London. Their video archive of the gay bars of major British cities – The U.K. Gaybar Directory – and related works has been acquired by The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool and The British Council. They are represented by Arcadia Missa, London and Truth and Consequences, Geneva.


Platform Foundation Asks

Who is your artistic hero? Our Peers and friends: Michelangelo, Mangenga, David Wojnarowicz, Issac Julien, Leslie Feinberg, Denzil Forrester, Juliana Huxtable, Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, Wu Tsang, Catherine Opie - there are so many!

Which work of art you wished you owned? A collage from the “I am” series by Gaby Sahar, a Derek Jarman painting, a John Cocteau drawing, “The Crucifixion” by Mantegna, “The Potato Eaters” by Van Gogh, a Paula Rego etching....

What is the most indispensable item in your studio? Dates, walnuts and dark chocolate.

Describe your studio in three words: Poor climate control on a bad day, bursting with life on a good day. 

Do you collect anything? Since we started working together in 2014 we have been archiving photos, sound recordings, video footage, sketches and music. This collection is what we return to time and time again, it’s the foundation of our practice.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? Bach Cello Suites, Maria Callas, ‘Cellophane’ by FKA Twigs, Honey by 070, Rihanna, the audiobook ‘Tales From Earthsea’.