Generation Y features

Metal Magazine_Generation Y.jpg

Our inaugural exhibition Generation Y was featured on Metal Magazine, an independent publishing project that showcases international talents from the world of fashion, photography and art.

"From the 10th until the 28th of June, Mayfair will be aglow with the youthful and arresting Generation Y exhibition, comprised by the work of thirty emerging UK artists of the Platform Foundation.

In an industry saturated with greed, Platform Foundation is a non-profit breath of fresh air. […] ‘Generation Y’ is a colourful and fresh collection of exciting work based on a wide range of different mediums, styles and concepts. Despite this incongruity in subject matter and approach, each work has a distinct youthful freshness in common that is a pleasure to witness.”

You can read all about the “British artists of the future” in their article here.


Generation Y was also featured in Viewzine’s regular feature “Selection of Exhibitions of the Week”.