Yonatan Vinitsky

Yonatan Vinitsky works across painting, photography, and sculpture, both in the production of exhibitions and books. His practice is rooted in the reproduction of found objects of every kind, which become transformed through an analysis of the specificity of materials and techniques that made them - exploring issues of editing, reproduction and re-enactment as creative methods of communication. Vinitsky’s work questions the notion of scale and position of a work in the space, alongside its relation with other works and the viewer. Collaboration and creative interventions as alternative methods to explore art history and various artistic legacies has been the core of his practice in recent years. 

Yonatan Vinitsky (b. 1980) is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, London, (2006), and holds a Masters degree in Sculpture from the Royal College, London (2009). Recent exhibitions of his works were held at: Solid View, London and onestar press, Paris (2019); South London Gallery, London (2018); Les Bains-Douches, Alençon (2018); Workplace Gateshead, UK (2017); Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv (2016); Frutta Gallery, Rome (2015); Limoncello, London (2014).  In 2013-2014 he undertook the Pavillion Reisdency at the Palais de Tokyo, France, where he then exhibited his work. Recent publication includes: REAL LIFE (onestar press, 2019), The Middle of the World (Empire Books, 2017) and ‘WIND – Five Variations on a Themeʼ (Public School Editions & The Estate of Matt Montini, 2015). His upcoming solo show ’The Cosmos’ will open in January 2020 at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.


Platform Foundation Asks

Who is your artistic hero? Gio Ponti and Dorothea Rockburne.

Which work of art you wished you owned? “Saint Francis in Meditation” (1635-9) by Francisco de Zurbarán, but I am happy it’s in The National Gallery in London so everyone can see it.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio? Tesa yellow masking tape.

Describe your studio in three words: Carefully orchestrated mess.

Do you collect anything? Too much.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? I am usually listening to the same song in repeat, changing it every few days. But I can’t tell you which one :-).